Install and Activate System Mechanic

Follow Instruction to Install and Activate System Mechanic

  1. New Customer
  2. Existing Customer

New Customers (including trial)

1.Please hit here to start your download of System Mechanic.

2.When file has finished downloading, if using Chrome or Microsoft Edge, click on file name at bottom left of your browser. If using Firefox, choose Save File, go to your downloads folder & double-click on SystemMechanicStd_DM.exe file.

3.Chose Run.

4.The download manager will start download & installation process

5.To install System Mechanic, hit on Install now.

6.System Mechanic will start & display tools & dashboard & begin quick analysis.

7.Once analysis is done, click on Activate Trial to Repair button to activate your iolo product.

8.Enter your email address in the fields provided. This is need for activation of the product as a trial or full version product.

9.If you have a product key, please enter it in field. Otherwise, to activate as a Trial, choose Activate Trial.

10.Choose Finish activation to done installation process.

11.Congratulations! You have successfully installed your System Mechanic product. Click on Repair All to continue.

12.To review your service expiration date, it seems at bottom of the System Mechanic main dashboard. Alternatively, to manually look at your activation information, you may choose (key) icon at the top right of System Mechanic & choose Product information.

13.Your activation information key & expiration date will seems under product you have activated.


Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer & have reinstalled your product, start System Mechanic & it will automatically contact our activation server & add your product key. Should that not occur, or should you need to otherwise re-enter your product key for any reason, you may follow steps above to manually review your activation information, enter your activation key and click Activate now.  

System Mechanic Review

Your PC is very much like any another machine and you really want to furnish it with ordinary check up for steady and maximized executions. This tuning occasionally can be expertly taken care of with a virtual tool stash called the ‘System Mechanic’. This one-opportunity buy item accompanies an entire home permit include that permits you to utilize similar item for at least 3 PCs at your home.

With simply this one apparatus added to you repertoire, you can guarantee that your PC works at great speed, fills its roles securely and utilizes most extreme ability of the machine. So, you can guarantee outrageous execution of your PC with the System Mechanic set up. For this reason, the tool compartment utilizes various types of capacities which you can access all alone with the assistance of its simple to-utilize help segment.

So what does the System Mechanic really do inside your PC? To ensure that there is no mischief to your PC’s protection and that it gives ideal working, this program permits you a total cleanup of your system. This incorporates tidying up your vault, unloading out all the garbage documents, eliminating spy product, defragmenting your equipment, redoing your secret settings and so on With this set up, all your guile work gets chopped down since now the PC as of now not needs different utility projects for straightforward functionalities.

Following the 3-contact mantra of fixing, speeding and getting your PC, the System Mechanic is a genuine gift in this time of fly speed. The item centers around assisting you with taking care of all your PC issues at only one go. It just means as straightforward as getting a PC fix fellow to reset your PC to all around great. Additionally their limitless item support tech is an extraordinary component to guarantee you get generally out of your buy. This extreme across the board PC care program is an unquestionable requirement purchase for each family and office today.

For fledgling clients, there is no reason for stress. You can make the program work without anyone else and deal with the whole PC support by essentially tapping on the program’s “fix all” care highlight. This one tab can assist you with regularizing your PC at only a single tick and the program consequently deals with its establishment and handling too. Promising to be the most remunerating method for giving your PC with its best exhibition rates, the System Mechanic is an unmistakable victor on all fronts.

Is System Mechanic Offered as a Lifetime Product?

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is not offered as a lifetime product, only System Mechanic & System Mechanic Professional. 

What happens if you upgrade from Lifetime to System Mechanic Ultimate Defense?

As a System Mechanic Lifetime customer, after you buy System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, you will receive new activation key that provides full access to product as an annual renewing subscription service. 

Your existing System Mechanic or Lifetime activation key will not change & will continue to be active so that you can revert to using it at any time, especially should you decide not to renew System Mechanic Ultimate Defense subscription in future.

For example, if after year of enjoying benefits of System Mechanic Ultimate Defense you decide not to renew subscription, you will be able to resume use of your System Mechanic Lifetime product.

Why does System Mechanic Ultimate Defense show two keys?

If you had originally installed & activated product as lifetime, System Mechanic Ultimate Defense will retain your key & automatically revert to using it should your annual subscription expire. 

Please visit our System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Quick Start Guide or Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.

Conflicting Products Detected

When installing the System Mechanic Ultimate Defense with similar product installed, customers may receive popup window stating that you must first uninstall PRODUCT X before you can install System Mechanic Ultimate Defense. For example, installing more than one antivirus solution has the potential to cause system conflicts and/or sluggishness. 

We recommend uninstalling other optimization or antivirus products & disabling Windows Defender before installing full performance, protection & privacy suite System Mechanic Ultimate Defense.

To learn more about System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, please visit our product page.  

Install additional System Mechanic Professional components

At the point when first introducing System Mechanic Professional, you can choose at least one of its parts to remember for the establishment. For any parts that were not at first chosen, they can be introduced whenever by running the establishment wizard once more. 

  1. Find latest version of System Mechanic Professional by clicking here.
  2. Start System Mechanic Professional installation wizard by running the smpro_dm.exe download manager.
  3. On the first screen of installation wizard, click Install System Mechanic Professional.
  4. Accept license agreement & set installation location.
  5. On the choose Components screen, choose check box next to each of the components you want to install:
  6. Search and Recover: Recovers deleted files, e-mail, music, photos, and more.
  7. DriveScrubber: Securely erases data from hard drives.
  8. System Shield: Protects against viruses, spyware, and other Internet threats.
  9. Note: Before installing System Shield component, first uninstall any other antivirus software. Installing two different antivirus products can result in an inaccessible system.
  10. Continue to follow on-screen instructions. The last screen of installation wizard will indicate whether you need to restart your PC to done installation.