Reinstall System Mechanic iolo

Follow Instruction to Install or Reinstall System Mechanic IOLO

Step 1:

  1. Click Start Download to begin downloading installer.
  2. A message stating “This type of file might trauma your PC. Are you sure you need to download sm_dm.exe?” with two options below, select Save?
  3. The sm_dm.exe file will seems in bottom of your web browser, hit on it to start download.
  4. When they will ask for further permission to select Yes to reinstall System Mechanic iolo
  5. After Installer has finished downloading, you would be asked if you need to save it or not. Select Yes or No according to your preference.
  6. The Installer will start automatically.

Step 2:

  1. After it has started, follow step by step rules until you see Window that asks for your information.
  2. Type activation key that you have received in your email & also our email address and then press OK.
  3. Continue to follow step by step rules to done installation & restart your PC once it is done.
  4. If it does not start, double-hit on its icon and Reinstall System Mechanic IOLO
  5. After it has analyzed all critical updates click on Analyze now.
  6. You can repair & review problem by using options on dashboard.

Installing System in multiple Personal PC is also no big issue. Follow these steps to install it on another PC: Reinstall System Mechanic iolo

  1. Open System Mechanic
  2. Click on Help & a drop-down list will seems.
  3. In that menu hit on Install System Mechanic on another PC.
  4. A dialogue box will seems, write email address you had mentioned while installing System Mechanic.
  5. Click on Send after entering email address.
  6. Check email from PC where you need to install it.
  7. An email mentioning the instructions for installation would seems with other information such as the download link & Activation key.
  8. Follow instructions to done installation.

About IOLO Technologies

IOLO Found in year 1998 in Los Angeles USA, IOLO Technologies makes software that can assist you to optimize your PC & to keep it safe. It permits users full computing potential by keeping devices which run fast & are reliable. Spread out to nearly 33 countries users can communicate in 11 different languages. Millions of people have relied upon IOLO for their Computer optimization & security.

A system mechanic is a carrying out solution that sites series of complex maintenance actions to keep your computer clutter free & stable. It also optimizes internet, memory, & processor to maximize speed & performance. It operates by removing files, & throwaway clutters. It improves cache of under performing network for smoothest streaming.

System Mechanic provides stated services:

  1. The System Provider boosts your computer speed.
  2. It removes bloatware.
  3. Increases in internet speed.
  4. Secure PC.
  5. Cleans all unwanted clutter.

What is System Mechanic Premium?

System Mechanic Free is an installation & licensing option that permits you to use free, limited version of System Mechanic that never expires.

To get System Mechanic Free:

  1. Download latest System Mechanic installation file by hitting here.
  2. Start installation automatically.
  3. From choose Installation Mode screen, choose Install free version of System Mechanic.
  4. Continue installing System Mechanic normally.

How do I begin using ByePass?

When you first hit ByePass eyeball icon in System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, you will be asked to setup your system mechanic account. 

  1. Navigate to ByePass activation page.
  2. Enter email address used when purchasing System Mechanic Ultimate Defense or standalone ByePass.
  3. Enter your product Key associated with your product purchase. If you upgraded to System Mechanic Ultimate Defense from another System Mechanic product, use same Activation Key as the one associated with your prior System Mechanic purchase.

    For new purchases (as opposed to upgrades), a new System Mechanic Activation Key will have been sent to your email address that you used at time of purchase.
  4. Hit Submit.
  5. Next, you’ll need to add ByePass browser extension to your default web browser. Click Install ByePass.
  6. Click Add extension. After you install ByePass browser extension, hit on xtension’s icon in your web browser.
  7. Click I agree, let’s start & then Create an account. Create your Master Password & complete the setup of your ByePass account.
  8. After logging into ByePass, you can begin creating and/or adding secure login credentials for your various online accounts, as well as encrypted credit cards & notes. ByePass should automatically detect &load most of your online accounts into ByePass for you.

How do I set up ByePass using Whole Home License?

Whole Home License permits you to install product on additional PC or devices in your household. Simply install ByePass & activate with your Activation Key.

 How do I create & securely store passwords?

When you first sign into ByePass, simply git on Add cccount button to start adding accounts such as banking or social media accounts, & your credentials.

What are advantages of securely storing my credit cards within ByePass?

The numbers are locally encrypted & only deployed as-needed to make purchases so  you will never need to insecurely type or store passwords & credit cards in your web browser. This assist to thwart both keyloggers & hackers from stealing them.

What are Secure Notes?

Just like safely storing passwords, ByePass permits you place to keep encrypted notes no one else can ever see. Something to store in a secure note may be secure PINs or other ID specific information needed in course of logging onto a web account. 

Does Login Guardian unlikely log me out of only the sites I put in Byepass?

Yes. ByePass is forever automatically adding sites you visit & sign into to, to its secure database. This assist ensure you do not leave yourself logged into site you didn’t intend to when you used Login Guardian remote logout feature.

Does ByePass have access to my data in order to protect it?

ByePass has no access to your passwords since they are encrypted locally & only then stored. This permits you to call them up on-demand & never store them in your browser, where they are vulnerable to hackers. 

Furthermore, only you know your Master Password. This is the only password you’ll have to remember, because even ByePass cannot assist you retrieve it.

How do I close my ByePass my account?

From ByePass dashboard:

  1. Click red menu bar to show drop down menu.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Scroll down to last item, Close my account, which seems grayed-out.
  4. Click Yes.

iolo My Account Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign-in to My Account?

My Account is changing! Iolo is move payment processing to a new billing provider. Please hit here to learn more.

Forgot your password?

For questions regarding My Account, please use live Support Chat widget & an agent will be happy to help you.

How to Retreive your product license information?

For help in retreiving our product license information, please use Live Support Chat widget and an agent will be happy to help you.

How to update your billing or credit card information?

For information on updating your billing or credit card information, please use Live Support Chat widget & an agent will be happy to help you.

How do I change email communication preferences?

For helping in changing your email communication preferences, please use Live Support Chat widget & an agent will be happy to help you.

How to change automatic renewal option?

For help in changing your product renewal options, please use Live Support Chat widget & an agent will be happy to help you.

How can we assist you?

You might face various issues while installing & reinstalling IOLO Service Mechanic. If you encounter any problem, you can contact our live chat support. Our experts are available to listen to your issues 24*7. We can resolve your issues instantly.